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      一、语音知识,下列每组单词中。有一个单词划线部分与其他其他单词的划线部分的读音不同。找出这个词。(1.5 分一题)

      1.A.room  B.blood  C.zoo   D.food

      2.A. nice  B.pity    C.sit     D. fish

     3.A.Party  B.star    C.war    D.farm

     4.A.laugh  B.caugh  C.enough   D.though

     5.A.aunt   B.autuma C.daugher  D.cause


     6.would you like to visit peter with    this weekend?

    A.we  B.us  C.our  D.ours

   7.He is not using his phone,_  ?

   A.will he  B.does he  C.has he  D.is ha

   8.I took out my wallet, but there    no money in it.

   A.has   B.had   C.was   D.is

   9.l am excited    we are roing to the Great wali tomorrow.

    A.but   B.that   C.which  D.or

    10.I cant come out tonight       I've got too much housework.

    A.because  B.unless  C.until  D.although

    11.I     basketball with my friends next weekend.

    A.play   B.will play   C.played  D.have played

    12. The room     I did my home work was too hot.

     A.why   B.how       C.When  D. where

    13.She enjoyed     how to look after young animals.

    A.learnt  B.to learn    C.Learn  D.leaning

    14.-can we go home now?

   -No.you         .

    A.can't  B.needn't   C.don't  D. dosen't

    15.Jack came to china ten years ago. He has been here        than his brother.

    A.long   B.longer    C.longest  D. the longest

    16. Jane     as a doctor since 2005.

    A works  B.will work  C.has worked  D.is working

    17.He was__a book for his birthday

    A.give    B.gives     C.giving      D.given

   18. Tina,   the daughter of M. Smith, was born Aprillast year.

    A.in     B.to        C.at          D.on

    19.The shop owner told the driver   his car.

    A.move  B.moving    C.to moves    D.moves

    20.-       bike is this?

    -I guess it's William's.

    A.Whose  B.Whom    C.Who       D.What


     My daughter is in her last year of high school. She wants to have some fun and exciting experiences before she 21 the school. She a Project Adventures class. in this class 22 climb to different. They begin at 35 feet and 23 up from there.

     When she told me, I was24 because I knew she is afraid of climbing. She came home and told me that her first climb didn't go 25 .She went up the 35-foot pole.She said that she was fine when 26 up the pole. But when she got up there.she26she had to 27 on a line to get to the other side. She down and saw how far she was from the 28 She became afraid and began to 29.. She told me she had never felt this in her 30. She was so afraid that she couldn't 30 and 31 to come down. When her feet 32 the ground, she started to cry.

     But she didn't. She said she didn't want to 33 the class. She had no 33 but to do all the other climbs. She didn't let 34 hold her back. She was able to finish the class with climbs. She got a good in the class at last. I'm so 35 of her.

     21.A.had B.left  C.started  D.attended

     22.A.Workers B.travelers C.students D.customers

     23.A.went   B.lined     C. warmed   D. looked

     24.A.tired B.changed  C.ashamed  D. surprised

     25 A.down B.back     C.strong     D.well

     26.A.giving B.making    C.climbing   D.building

     27.A.walk    B.turn      C.sleep       D.work

     28.A:School B.sky       C.home      D.ground

     29.A.run B.rise      C.shake       D.jump

    30.A.time B.life       C.culture      D.language

    31.A.pretended B.acted  C.promised    D.asked

    32.A .touched   B.searched  C.kicked    D.cowered

    33.A.hold      B.fail      C.often       D.push

    34.A.joy       B.anger      C.fear      D.Shock

    35.A.king      B.proud     C.afraid      D.hopeful



    场景:Jack 碰到用学 Mike 两人聊起今晚的安排。

    J: Hi Mike. Are you doing anything special tonight?

    M: Nothing/NO .

    J:Good, I've got two concert tickets  Would you like go with me  ?

    M:Sure. I'd love to,How can we go there/How do we get there  ?

    J:we are going there by car, l will give you a ride.

    M:Great, Where will(/shall) we meet  ?

    J:I we'll meet at the school gate. How about 6 o'clock?

    M: okay. See you then.

    J: See you.    


    假设你是李华,你想和英语老师Tom 约时间在网上练习口语.给 TOM 发一封邮件。



   2 .协商练习口语的平台


   Dear Teacher Tom,

     I am Li Hua, your student, and I hope to schedule a time with you to practice speaking online. I have always wanted to improve my oral expression skills, and I believe that through practicing with you, I can make great progress.

     Firstly, I would like to ask which time period would be convenient for you to practice speaking? I have plenty of time in the morning. If you are free, I would like to practice with you in the morning. Of course, if you have other time periods that are more convenient, I will also try my best to arrange them.

     Secondly, I would like to discuss with you a platform for oral practice. The platforms I currently use commonly include Skype and Zoom, both of which have stable voice and video functions and are suitable for long-distance oral practice. Do you have any suggestions for other platforms? If so, please let me know and I will install and familiarize myself with the use as soon as possible.

    Looking forward to your reply, we hope to schedule a time as soon as possible and start our oral practice. Thank you very much for your guidance and support!

                                                                                                                                                                                             Best wishes,

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Li Hua


     1-10 BACDA BDCBA

    11-20 BDDAB CDACA

     21-30 BCADD CADCB

    31-40 DABCB CDABD

     41-50 ACABB DDCAC


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